Five Simple Home Treatments
- Finger Joint Pain

Finger Joint Pain: Five Simple Home Treatments

If you spend lots of time pounding away at a keyboard, or if you sew, do a lot of mechanic work, or play a musical instrument, chances are that finger joint pain is something you know very well. Finger joint pain does not just feel bad, it can interfere with your work and your play and your performance in music, art, or sports. Or maybe finger joint pain just ruins your day.

The muscles that power our fingers, surprisingly enough, are mostly in our forearms. You cannot really resolve finger joint pain without resolving tension in your forearms. Fortunately, there are at least five simple home remedies for finger joint pain that work for just about everyone.

1. Walking Your Fingers

Have you ever seen the advertisements that show two fingers walking through the yellow pages? This exercise both strengthens your fingers and makes them more flexible. It is exactly what you need to do to relieve strain caused by continuous gripping.

Hold your hand a few inches over a desk or table. Without straining or causing pain, make a V-shaped split between your index finger and middle finger as you "walk" them across the table. "Walk" your fingers across the table first forwards and then backwards.

2. Playing The Piano Without A Piano

This exercise is for people whose fingers ache after using scissors or pruning shears. It isolates the tendons used in this kind of repetitive motion so that they return to their normal length and stop hurting.

Sit back from a desk or table far enough that you can hold your wrist straight while keeping your forearm parallel to your body, held in front of you. Lower your hands to that your fingers bend just a little bit at the joints where they are joined to your palms.

That's it. Just dangling your fingers this way helps the tendons return to their normal shape and length.

3. The Not-So-Daring Finger Trapeze

This exercise stretches the connective tissue all the way from your fingertips to your forearms. It is a great way to keep finger joint pain from ever developing in the first place.

Press your index finger against the edge of a table or desk. Keep your wrist straight. Slowly press harder and harder until you feel a "stretch" in the finger or your forearm. Hold the finger in the position while you feel the stretch continuing without your having to press harder.

Release the tension on your finger. Remove it from the edge of the table or desk and repeat with your other fingers, but not your thumbs.

4. Naughty Finger! Naughty Finger!

Do you remember the child's gesture for "shame, shame?" This exercise stretches the muscles supporting your palms and helps restore fine coordination in your hands.

Prop your elbows on the table in front of you. With your palms facing you, cross your index fingers and rub them back and forth. The more slowly you do this exercise, the better your stretch.

Nobody is going to break a sweat with any of these four exercises—although they really work. But if you want pain relief without any effort at all, try this:

5. Ultrasound Machine

Home ultrasound machines use the same principle as the ultrasound at the doctor's office, only they vibrate just 1 to 2 million times a second, not 2 to 5 million times a second as needed for medical imaging. The gentle power of sound restores circulation to al the tissues of your fingers, hands, and forearms, and also makes any pain medication you apply to skin work a whole lot better.

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Five Simple Home Treatments - Finger Joint Pain

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