Relieve Your Shoulder Pain Immediately

Shoulder pain can be severely painful and interrupt your daily routine. The Shoulder Heating Pad is your ticket to instant relief. Stop suffering for days at a time while you wait for a doctor appointment. When you feel first begin to come on, wear the heating pad around your neck and shoulders to feel relief.
Invigorates your body
Soothes muscle fatigue
Inexpensive and easy to use
Relaxes shoulder muscles
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There are Many Reasons You May Be Experiencing Shoulder Pain

Many activities, conditions and injuries can cause shoulder pain, and many of these activities and causes are things we cannot prevent. A condition can be incurable – but the pain it causes can be treated.

An activity that causes pain may not be able to avoid, especially if it is your job, but the resulting pain can be treated, as well, so you can carry on with that activity knowing it will never cause long lasting pain again.

You may be experiencing pain because of the following:
    shoulder heating pad
  • Manual Labor
  • Office work and long hours spent in front of the computer
  • Athletic activity
  • A muscle pull or strain
  • An injury in the joint or bone
  • A condition like fibromyalgia or arthritis
Stop equating these factors with pain. With the Shoulder Heating Pad, you can live pain-free.

What Does the Shoulder Heating Pad Do?

The Shoulder Heating Pad immediately offers you soothing, relief and relaxation. But the power of the heating pad doesn’t stop there.

Soothing and Relaxation

Heat therapy will instantly soothe your pain as it gives you a nice, warming sensation. It relaxes your muscles, helping everything become looser and less tense. It relieves any pressure.


The heat therapy will do more than just that, though. It will actually help heal the source of your pain, so the relief does not end when you take the heating pad off. The heat will improve your circulation, helping oxygen and nutrients reach the cells in need. The oxygen and nutrients will help the cells get rid of the toxins that can lead to pain. The cells will rejuvenate and become healthier.

The Shoulder Heating Pad Can…

  1. Treat Shoulder Strains, Pulls, Stiffness and Soreness
  2. Treat Joint Pain
  3. Help Heal Injuries
  4. Treat Pain From Pain Conditions
  5. De-Stress and Help Get Rid of Fatigue
  6. Improve Your Circulation and Metabolism.

What Makes the Shoulder Healing Pad Special?

The Shoulder Heating Pad does more than just emit heat, and that’s why it guarantees effective, long lasting relief.


The Shoulder Heating Pad is made with loess, an all-natural material that successfully traps heat and steadily emits it to ensure a full, lengthy, effective treatment that meets your needs.

Far-infrared Energy

The Shoulder Heating Pad emits far-infrared energy for heat therapy. Far-infrared energy is proven to be best absorbed by the human body. The electromagnetic waves of this energy match the waves emitted by the human body, and that compatibility allows the heat to be absorbed 2” to 3.5” into the body. That guarantees the delivery of heat therapy, oxygen and nutrients to the cells in need.

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Specifications - Shoulder Heating Pad
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  • Weight: 4 Lbs.
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- Relieve Your Shoulder Pain Immediately

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