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The TDP Mineral Lamp: When You Need Pain Relief NOW for Muscle Pain

Itís an unfortunate fact of life that so many things we do can lead to muscle pain. The problem is there are so many different types of activity that can harm a muscle, plus there are different kinds of pains muscles can encounter:
  1. Strains
  2. Pulls
  3. Tension
  4. Pressure
  5. Cramps
  6. Aches, Soreness
  7. Inflammation
Maybe you have a job that involves manual labor, or maybe your job is in the office sitting in one position behind a computer all day. Maybe you engage in athletic activity or work out at the gym frequently.

Maybe youíre running around after kids all day Ė or maybe, like everyone, you just have a lot to do in a day, and anything can lead to a pull or a strain is the muscle moves the wrong way Ė from driving to lifting a bag of groceries.

There are several different treatments for muscle pain, but many of them treat one of the types of pain instead of many different types, meaning these treatments will not be a convenient go-to therapy for muscle pain.

For example, think of how a massage works, with kneading motion. This works wonders if you have tension or pressure to relieve, but what if youíve pulled a muscle? What if you have inflammation? You need a treatment to treat it all, because different pains may happen along the way.

The TDP Mineral Lamp Treats All Different Types of Muscle Pain

The TDP Mineral Lamp combines the power of a chiropractor, a massage therapist, pain medication and exercises to heal without any of the inconveniences or inefficiencies that come with these methods:

  1. Doctor/Chiropractor: After initial diagnosis, returning for every muscle pain becomes impractical. Time spent waiting for an appointment would be time in pain, plus each appointment would be costly!

  2. Pain Medication: Pain medication is often unnecessary, and many times it can cause harmful side effects. Plus, pain medication can lead to dependence.

  3. Massage Therapy: Massage therapy cannot treat the different types of muscle pain you may experience, and each appointment can be expensive.

  4. Exercise: Exercise is a good idea anyway to stay in shape, but if youíre in pain, it can be difficult to get yourself to move around in order to get rid of that pain. If you donít know exactly what youíre doing (ie, if you donít have a personal trainer present), you could end up hurting yourself more. Itís best to treat the pain and then get back to the gym.
The TDP Mineral Lamp uses heat therapy to be able to treat any kind of muscle pain, whether you pulled a muscle during a softball game or experience muscle aches from fibromyalgia. The TDP Lamp is:
  1. Effective. The TDP Mineral Lamp employs heat therapy to relieve and then heal pain. First the heat gives a warming sensation to soothe the pain and relax you. Then the heat gets to work stimulating circulation and delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells so they can detoxify and rejuvenate Ė getting rid of the pain and possibly even preventing it in the future.

  2. Innovative. The heat therapy is propelled forward by far-infrared energy. Why far-infrared energy? Its emissions match those of the electromagnetic emissions from the human body, so that compatibility make the energy super-absorbable by the human body. The heat therapy and its amazing healing power will reach far into the body to really get to those cells!

  3. Easy. Donít deal with complicated processes. The TDP Mineral Lamp comes in two easy models: floor model with wheels for mobility, and a desk model that is light and small enough to be moved around. Just turn on and set the timer for your desired treatment!

  4. Safe. The TDP Lamp guarantees safety, and because it is all-natural with no foreign substances to take like medication, there are no side effects!
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